Dear NARGS Chapter Chairs, AdCom, Directors of the Board, Editors, Treasurers, Webmasters,
Committee Chairs, and others,

The NARGS Website link to for book purchases is now available!


Or look on the NARGS home page on the left-side menu, go to SALES then click on BOOKS. There are already 100-plus titles on that page and more will be coming.

For each purchase made by clicking one of the titles, NARGS will receive a small percentage. But you need to make the purchase by clicking on the title displayed on our website. Apparently, going to Amazon through the NARGS website and buying anything is not going to bring us credit. We get money for what we link to from our pages.

Kudos to all people who helped with this project, most of all Hugh Mac Millan (our Web master) and also Claire Cockcroft, Ray Deutsch, Hans Sauter, Mark McDonough, Bobby Ward, and Randy Tatroe.

Have a great holiday shopping season...on the NARGS website!